About Us



Idea Kitchens’ aims to become the major supplier and manufacturer of “green” (environmentally friendly) kitchen cabinets, solid surface countertops, and interior products. These are to be supplied and manufactured at the highest internationally accepted standards and quality at an affordable price.


Idea Kitchens will meet and exceed our customer’s expectation as a world-class full-line manufacturer of high quality, solid surface material by offering the most innovative and competitive products available; by delivering finished products on a timely basis and defect-free; by creating an atmosphere of openness and trust between ourselves, our customers, and our suppliers until they become our true partners. As the world moves towards a “Green” environment, Idea Kitchens is at the forefront of this trust forward. Our supplier, Avonite, has been one of the first companies in the US to use recycled environmentally friendly products in its manufacturing process. Our Bonding materials canisters are safely disposed of and collected by the Solid Waste Management Co. Limited. All solid woods are ecologically treated with no artificially harmful chemicals.


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